Dr. Stephan Bauer founded Duende Management Consulting GmbH in 2008 in Berlin. After 20 years of professional service in industry and consulting (until April 2008 he served as Principal for Booz Allen Hamilton in Berlin) the founder decided to continue his consulting profession as an entrepreneur.

Dr. Stephan Bauer has accumulated more than 20 years of professional experience not only as a manager/director for major corporations such as SIEMENS. He also worked as the leader of major assignments as a consultant, for BundOnline 2005 for the German Federal Government, the largest European eGovernment initiative and the assessment of options to privatize the Deutsche Bahn AG covering a variety of alternative models, with, or without the separation of the network from operations. The German Federal Ministry of Transportation and the German Federal Ministry of Finance had jointly commissioned this landmark study (Gutachten-Projekt "PRIMON: Privatisierungsvarianten der Deutschen Bahn AG - mit und ohne Netz").

Dr. Stephan Bauer holds a master degree and a doctorate in Business Administration (Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration; 1985/1987) and also holds a MBA (bilingual program) from I.E.S.E., the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa in Barcelona (1991).

Since 2016 Dr. Stephan Bauer teaches as a guest lecturer at TU Dresden (Faculty of Business and Economics, EE2).

Resume Dr. Stephan Bauer

Dr. Friedrich Bauer, electrical engineer (graduated from the Vienna University of Technology) covers the areas information and communication technologies. In addition he acts as CIO of our company. Dr. Friedrich Bauer has accumulated more than 15 years of professional experience in research and teaching. In his work he focuses on digital systems on the interface between communications engineering and informatics.

Dr. Thomas Bauer, electrical engineer (graduated from the Vienna University of Technology) covers the field power engineering and all energy related topics at Duende. He has accumulated more the two decades of professional experience in academia and with commercial companies (e.g. SIEMENS Austria) and supports selected projects and expert study reports.